• Get Bright and Face-Tea with our brightening facial steam! Package contains 10 Face Tea steaming bags. Use weekly/bi-weekly for best results.


    Place one Face Tea bag in hot water and let it infuse for up to 5 mins. Once infused, you can choose to either remove the bag from the water and discard it or leave it in for extra infusion. Place the infused herbal water into a basin or sink with a stopper.


    Place your head over the basin or sink and cover yourself and the water with a towel. Don't get too close to the water as it will be very hot. Allow the steam to open up your pores for between 5-10 mins.


    NB: Not for oral consumption.

    'Bright & Face-Tea' Facial Steam

    SKU: BRI-FS-21
    • Chamomile, Jasmine & Rose