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Your guide to a Self-Care Valentine’s Day in Lockdown

‘Roses are red, Violets are blue, It’s almost Valentine's Day but I have nothing to do!’

As the country remains gripped in lockdown 3.0, this year’s Valentine’s day will feel slightly different and we know first-hand how tough that can be on our mental state. A self-care pamper day could be just what you need to alleviate the stress and provide a welcome (and fun) distraction from the current state of the world. As it’s falling on a Sunday (Self-Care sunday!) we can make a whole weekender of the occasion and use it as an excuse for pampering!

Now, I know we can’t actually go out this year for a ‘real’ date but who said you can’t have a great day staying at home? You don’t even have to dress up, why not stay in your bath robe all day (it is a spa day after all!) Valentine’s day will be a chance to take time out and recharge, get your self-care game on and bring the spa to you.

Here are a few self-care tips (that you can even do with a partner) for an amazingly relaxing at home spa day!


Tip 1: Don’t be thirsty.

Nobody likes looking thirsty, especially around Valentine’s day. In the skin care world, being 'Thirsty' is a big no no because thirsty skin means dehydrated skin. Staying indoors constantly as we have doesn't help the situation!

Mists are a refreshing way to hydrate your skin and give it a boost. They provide extra skin hydration and improve the absorption of moisturisers. Whether you’re looking to brighten up a dull complexion or get quench your skins thirst, there is a mist out there will keep your skin hydrated.

Our ‘Mist Me Wit It’ Toner, which includes natural ingredients such as Neroli, lemon and sea salt, possess regenerative qualities helping to tone and neutralise the skin. The toner works well if you suffer from hyperpigmentation, leaving your skin glowing and hydrated. You’ll have people trying to guess what your secret is! (Them: is it that valentine’s day glow or her skin mist, idk)


Tip 2: Get hot and steamy

Okay so it’s NOT what you were thinking (Mind = gutter LOL).

Oh how we miss going to the sauna! That feeling of leaving the steam room feeling softer than velvet is top 3 but you can recreate the feeling at home!

If you have a bath tub, great, but a shower can work just as well. Run the water hot enough to start fogging the mirrors in the bathroom (but not too hot to burn yourself). If you have a tub, fill her up. Once the room is steamed to your liking, grab something you can sit on and keep the door closed to trap all the heat and steam in.

You can even add some herbs to the tub water for an extra aromatic treat! Did you know our Bright and Face-Tea herbs work well as bath soaks too? You can add a few tea bags to the water or cut open the bags and sprinkle the herbs in the bath (Very instagrammable too!) The herbs are a great stress reliever and contain calming chamomile, Precious Jasmine and romantic rose really help with setting the mood. You can even invite a partner and get in the tub for a soak while you are having your sauna sess.

Remember to hydrate after steaming, it is important to lock moisture back into your skin. Our MelaSkin Body Butter is great for this, keeping you feeling moisturized, smooth and renewed.

You’ll come out of your ‘sauna’ feeling super relaxed and chilled out plus your skin will feel silky soft!


TIP 3: Get touchy with a massage

Massages are some of the most relaxing forms of self-care you can indulge in! They also have great benefits to your skin such as boosting circulation and increasing absorption.

This Valentine’s day why not treat yourself or a partner to a relaxing massage (or better yet, have them treat you). You first want to pick an excellent massage oil. If you are concentrating on the body you will want an oil that penetrates at a medium to low rate (Think Coconut Oil or Sweet almond Oil). For your face you’ll want something medium to high (Jojoba Oil, Grapeseed Oil etc).

Take your time to work the oils into your skin. Relax into the calming feelings of touch on your skin surface. Play around to find which type of touch feels best for you. Try heavier firmer motions and then soft and gentle. Try rubbing in circular motions and try tapping. Really get a feel for what you like best.

Our ‘New Skin Who Dis’ Serum has the perfect mix of ingredients to not only be used as a facial massage oil but to be functional in helping with dry skin, acne and hyperpigmentation. You get the beautifully relaxing effects of having a facial massage with the added skin transforming benefits. It’s a win win!


TIP 4: Frolic in the candle light

Lighting is essential for that zen feeling. Don’t you just love that feeling of slowing down when you go to an ambiently lit spa! At home you can emulate this feeling by lighting some candles to really get in the mood of relaxation. We love to play our favourite soothing feel good playlist with candles lit or you could even use an app or YouTube to search for some calming music soundscapes that emulate a spa. (Try ‘ambient spa music’ in the search bar and pick your fav).

You could try to light some candles after coming out of the tub and relaxing in your sanctuary. Or you could cook yourself a healthy Valentines day meal and eat at a candlelit table (great to try out with a partner too)!

BTW, if you’re reading this far we love you and you get some insider brownie points! Our Cocoa Rose candle is launching on the 22ND Feb! (Super excited to tell you guys, you heard it here first!)


So that’s it! Valentine’s day is all about feeling the love and we always say the number one love in your life should be YOU. Feeling good from within and being the best version of yourself SO important.

We hope you found these Valentine’s day self-care tips useful and we’d love to see your pics and hear your stories of you trying them out over the Valentine’s weekend. You know we love to hear from you guys!

Happy Valentine’s day MelaBeauties x

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