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Introducing: MelaBeauty

Its officially MelaBeauty day – It’s our launch day!

We want to welcome you all to the site and thank you all so so much for your support in the lead up to our launch!

Through hard work, patience and some eager anticipation we’re finally here. For those who are a little newer to the party you may be wondering who/what on earth MelaBeauty is.

MelaBeauty is a skin care & wellness company.

We provide natural & organic skin care remedies and aromatic mind, body & soul therapies – in products all hand-crafted in an artisan lab in East London.

Sounds fancy right?

What that means in plain English is we make skin care for your self-care needs.

We want to transform your normal everyday skincare routine into your skin care experience.

We believe it’s not just skin care. Its soul-care. You may have seen our catchy tagline floating around.

S K I N • B O D Y • S O U L

We want you to have a spa like experience from the comfort of your home, whenever and wherever you use our products. Not only do we want you to use our products, we want you to LOVE using our products.


At MelaBeauty we believe that feeling your best and looking your best go hand in hand. You can’t look great if you don’t feel great inside. Our products connect your mind and body to help you exude beauty inside and out. (In other words: to glow sis!)

Natural and organic skincare is important to us and since you’re here, we have a good feeling it’s important to you too. That’s why all of our products are natural and organic where possible.

Starting a skincare journey can be scary – Trust me we’ve been there! The trial and error phase can be overwhelming to say the least. We want to help educate you on all things skin so you can make better purchasing decisions (and take out at least some of the headache). We’ve set up this handy page (we call it our skincare bible) with info on all ingredients we use and what they do. You can check it out here.

We’ll also be giving you a fortnightly blog post with the best tips and latest trends in the skin care world – We’ve got you!

Oh, btw you can subscribe to the newsletter (Check the home page footer) so you don’t miss out and follow us on Instagram and Twitter.

Looking forward to growing and continuing this journey with you all. Remember to keep in touch, we love hearing from you. See you in our next blog post!


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