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MelaBeauty is a botanical skincare & wellness company. Our bespoke skin treats combine natural & organic  skincare remedies and luxury aromatic mind, body & soul therapies, delivering straight from our artisan lab in East London to your doorstep. Our unique skincare formulas are all thoughtfully created personally by our founder, using knowledge in cosmetic science and formulation to provide effective yet gentle natural skincare that really works.


The brand name MelaBeauty is 

derived from the term 'Melanin'. All 

skin tones and colours contain some degree of melanin and this makes up our many 

beautiful shades and hues. 

The brand focuses on products catered 

for POC (People of colour) which are often hard to find 

particularly in the UK


MelaBeauty aims to provide products that 

work for darker skin tones and cater for problems such as hyperpigmentation 

which is more prevalent in these skin tones.

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Aromatherapy, through its mood altering 

properties, can aid with feeling good. Essential oils offer aromatherapeutic benefits along with 

multiple skin benefits such as:

fading pigmentationevening skin tonereducing acne and inflammation  and dealing with issues such as eczema and 


The luxe packaging of our products is designed to transport you to a place of bliss and uplift your mood in the most positive ways.

We deliver a touch of luxury to spice up your skincare journey.

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We value transparency in skincare.

We use 100% natural ingredients in our products. Where possible, we also to ensure these ingredients are farmed organically and always ethically.


High quality, natural ingredients ensure you know exactly what you are putting onto your skin and are often even better for you and the environment too.

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